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Digital Image Authentication

We know how to detect tampering and disclose false perceptions in digital images through digital image authentication.


Are My Images Authentic?

Are my images authentic? Media manipulation is the application of different editing techniques to digital images in order to deceive it’s viewer from the events as they naturally occured.  When and if these techniques are applied, a trained image forensic expert can detect these anomalies through the process of digital image authentication and provide a written report outlining the methods they used to arrive at their opinion. Concern as to the integrity and authenticity of the images arises when the people, objects and events as they occurred in the images are questioned.

Digital Image Authentication

Digital image authentication involves a scientific analysis which includes a visual analysis, digital information analysis, as well as exemplar creation and comparison. The image authentication investigation doesn’t stop in the digital world either. If cloning or copying methods of physical images are used, a loss in quality can be scientifically observed and documented. This quality loss detection is also applied when authenticating digital image file formats such as JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PDF and many more.

Primeau Forensics can also perform an evidence recovery from the electronic device that created your image to preserve quality, and establish a chain of custody. Obtaining the most original version of your digital images is crucial to the digital information analysis portion of the image authentication investigation. We have conducted dozens, of image authentication assignments, as well as testified in court about our processes that are accepted in the scientific community. We know how to guide the image authentication process by asking the right questions based on the information we discover. Does your image have an established chain of custody? What type of equipment was your image created on? These are crucial questions we find answers to throughout the course of our investigations.

When we begin every digital image authentication investigation, we discover through forensic investigation the scientific information need to discover the integrity of the image in question and guide the legal team accordingly. Simply discovering an altered image is not enough. We go the extra mile, using our 32+ years as forensic experts to help strategically plan how to disclose the authentication test results in report form.

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