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Forensic Image Enhancement

In many cases, forensic image enhancement is necessary when either party in a litigation believe that digital images that have been or are about to be entered into evidence may be altered. Forensic image enhancement can help with identification of persons in the image; do they have any identifying characteristics that can be enhanced for identification?

Primeau Forensics is experienced in digital image enhancement and has established a ‘Best Practices’ protocol using software tools and techniques that are accepted in the scientific community. Our experts are trained in image enhancement and know what tools and what filters to use in order to forensically enhance your digital or analogue image.

We often capture images from closed circuit television video (CCTV) to forensically enhance in order to identify subjects and or events that were recorded in the surveillance video recording. Digital video is comprised of a series of images every second. Broadcast television is 30 images per second (ips), also referred to as frames per second or (fps). Some CCTV systems have frame rates as low as 2 images per second (ips). It is a fact that the higher the frame rate, the more images available for forensic enhancement.

Our digital image experts have successfully completed hundreds if not thousands of image enhancement assignments. We know how to guide the image enhancement process by asking the right questions. Do we have an original image to enhance? What is the established chain of custody of the image you need to have enhanced? What percentages can an image enhancement can be performed? Do you know what type of equipment created the image that needs enhancing?

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